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Whenever I think C&M Transport I think one word. Trust.

I have known Cal, Melody and Mike at C&M since the late 90’s and shortly after starting Sylectus in 2001, C&M became one of our first customers. Throughout the years, we saw C&M use the power of the Sylectus Alliance to grow their business. And their growth exceeded almost every other company in our program.

How could they grow so fast and so consistently? Trust.

Cal, Melody and Mike all nurtured a common business ethics of delivering exceptional service, uncompromising honesty and pay their bills quickly. Each year Sylectus would give out awards to our subscribers that finished top in various categories. C&M always won the award for receiving the most number of loads from other members. That award spoke to the trust other members would place in the quality service C&M provides. Carriers had no issues brokering their best-customers freight to a company like C&M, even though C&M competes in their same market. Carriers knew that C&M would never back-solicit their customer and they knew C&M would always do a top-quality job.

Stuart Sutton, President
TEANA Sylectus